10 Best Balloon Games With Kids

Balloon is one of the most happening and inexpensive item. Balloons are loved by everyone especially kids, balloons are always related to fun and joy. So today we are here with some amazing games for kids party:

Bust and Win (Surprise pop):  Blow lots of colored balloons with small toys, candies and notes inside it. Hang them on board or on wall, let kids work hard to pop the balloon and get them their surprise.

Balloon Tennis:  For this you need large space, by using paper plates and paddle pop stick create tennis rackets. Blow up balloon and play a game of indoor tennis. This is a great game for a big group of kids. No competition only fun!

Pass the Balloon:  This activity is for at least 10 kids . Split the kids in even groups and make them stand in even line. Every kid should have at least one arm distance or half meter. Inflate one balloon and give it to the end person. Once you call start the teams have to pass the balloon under legs then over the next person head until it reaches to the person on the second end. The team who hold their balloon up at the front of the line first will be the winner.

Protect your Balloon:  Very simply and great activity for larger group more than 5. Inflate a balloon and secure it with a string about one meter long. Tie it around their ankle. The aim is to protect your balloon and bust other’s balloon, the one who will stand last will be the winner.

Keep it Moving:  It is a classical balloon game indoor game perfect for one or more children. The game is very simple, just keep the balloon in air and not let it touch the ground. All you need to have is adequate space free from tripping hazards. This game is total fun and loved by kids.

Balloon and Spoon Race:  This game is an outdoor game, like traditional egg and spoon. But it needs wooden spoon and balloon and outdoor space. Kids have to balance the balloon on the wooden spoon, the one who will reach the finish line first would be the winner.

Balloon Waddle Race: This is an outdoor game for more than 2 kids. Very simple and easy, just have a start line for them, inflate balloon and put it in between their knees, the one who will reach first at the finish line without dropping or bursting the balloon will be the winner. You can add candy or lolly in the balloon to limit losing upsets.

Balloon People: This game does not require any certain number of kids, it can be played with small group as well as large group. Have some colored balloon with some makers and stickers and let the kids to decorate their balloon by adding face. You can create little paper hands or feet to make it more interesting.

Balloon Darts: This game is like traditional dart game. Tie inflated balloon with a board and place in on one side. Make a queue stand kid behind a line. Give three chance to pop each balloon. Award points for each balloon pops with dart.

Balloon Collector:  Inflate several balloon and place them on the floor. Set timer for one minute. Send player one by one and tell them to collect as many as balloon they can in one trip. When times up, count how many balloons the payer able to collect. Return the balloon to the pile and give chance to next player.

These balloon games will be total fun for kids, so don’t forget to try these all. Make a happening party for your kids.