10 DIY Balloon Decorating Ideas

Hosting a party?? Worrying about the decoration? Don’t worry today Party Zealot come with some amazing ideas for party decoration with simple DIY. By just adding simple things to it you can present it in a creative way.

Mini Letter Balloon:  If you are planning for a birthday party, then nothing is better than your own mini letter balloon. One can use it as center piece and to make it more creative don’t forget to add your favorite flowers to it.

Oversized Fruits:  Kids love balloon and if you want to do something new to their party. You can through a theme party like fruity fruit. Make giant fruits using simple normal sized balloons and hang them using a thread. All you need to do is binding in proper shape.

Creative Balloons:  This is best for those who love to paint. All you need to do is paint. Take colorful balloons and paint a pattern of your own choice. Color them the way you want but make sure to do whole decoration with the same pattern. So that it could look more systematic.

Emojis Ghost: One of the simple DIY. It is fun and very innovative idea. All you need is a white balloon, paper and sketch pen. You can hang them around your venue. It is fun to make and best to your Halloween party.

Animal Balloons: Animal balloons are going to be life if your party. Just by doing simple pasting and coloring you can give a character to your balloons. These balloons are loved by kids and youngsters to have fun.

Fruit Balloon: Surprised!!? Yes you can create these colorful and delicious looking balloons by simple steps. You can hang these balloons at your fruit corner to highlight it or give it some extra effect.

Improvised Design: This designs is super easy and can be done just in minutes. All you need to do is add some colored paper frills to white balloons. You can make these frills by using crepe paper. It looks fun and creative.

Floral Balloons: Floral balloons are fantastic and can go with any theme or any kind of party. And it takes minutes to wiped out. All you need to have is cupcake wrapper. Just flatten the cupcake wrapper and paste it to your inflated balloon. To give it more highlighted add a little flower sticker in the middle of the cupcake wrapper.

Ice-cream Garland: For this DIY you need water balloons. Inflate them in the shape that they can fit in the ice-cream cone. Stick the balloon and a ribbon in the ice-cream cone, wait till it dry and it’s done. It looks unique and beautiful hanging on the wall.

Metallic Golden Balloons: These metallic balloons are divine! It looks beautiful in any gathering. All you need to have is metallic paint and plain balloon Take a white balloon and highlight it with golden metallic color shade.

Try out these ideas and make your party fun!!