Balloon Twisting – Beautiful Daisy Flower

As we know balloons are the most inexpensive item for party decoration. But though it look classy and incredible if used in some different way. So to make your party decoration more interesting today we come here with an amazing DIY of Beautiful Daisy flower. Enjoy!

All you need :

1. Long balloons of various colors

2. Balloon inflator

How to make it :

Step 1: Inflate one long balloon, leaving 7-8 cm at the end. Tie the ends and make a loop divide it in half.

Step 2: Take the large bubble in your hand. Twist the balloon and divide it in three equal segments.

(Tip: First twist one third of the length and then fold it over to make the second one.)

Step 3: Once you get the satisfactory shape, arrange the three segment one over other in zig-zag motion.

Step 4 : Now as the ends of the segments are line up, pinch the ends of both side with your finger and connect them.

Step 5: Bring both the ends in the center and twist them to secure.

Step 6 : Now adjust the six petals of the flower.

Step 7 : Inflate another long balloon and adjust it in the centre of the flower as a stem.

Here it is !