How to Create Dolphin Balloon Column Stand

Do you like to do creative things by your own? Then today’s DIY is just for you. Most of the time we see balloon stands made by professional in parties and other social gathering. But Today Party Zealot come with some very easy steps that you can make a dolphin balloon column stand by your own.

Let’s get started:

Things you need

1. Balloons (Blue and White)

2. Inflator

3. Quad Clips

4. Helium balloon secure clip

5. Clear tubes, connectors and round clear base

6. Clear Tape or Clear dots

7. Helium Balloon in dolphin shape

Step 1: Join the clear tubes with help of connectors. For one stand 4 tubes will be needed.

Step 2: Attach the round plastic base to the tubes on its bottom.
(Tip: to make it more stable you can add sand or water to the round plastic base)

Balloon Column stand is ready, Now its decoration process has been given as follow:

Step 3: In this balloon you have to inflate the balloons with the help of inflater. Inflate the balloons in two different sizes. One diameter around 6 inches and one is around 10 inches.
(Different size of balloons are used to give it watery effect)

Step 4: Now the most interesting part comes. Fix the balloons in Quad clips. (For one stand approximate 7-8 quad layers are required)

Step 5: Now, pass the balloon quads through the column stand tube and make layers.

Make sure that you use both sizes of balloon in a pattern to give it a pattern and wavy effect.

Step 6: When the tubes are fully covered with balloon quads, inflate the helium balloon.

Step 7: With the help of helium balloon clip secure the balloon.

Step 8: Fix the dolphin shape helium balloon on the top of the stand with clear tape.

And it’s ready.. Quick and easy way to build a beautiful balloon column stand. Impress your guest with this simple DIY. If you worrying about the material used, checkout party zealot products in an affordable range.