2 Set Rainbow Unicorn Balloon Column Stands

2 Set Rainbow Unicorn Balloon Column Stands

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The Most Beautiful and Easy DIY Unicorn Balloon Column Stand You Ever Create for Your Party!

Does your kid love unicorn? If the answer is yes, this is the perfect one you might want to consider. This unicorn balloon column stand is extremely easy to build with quick building instruction. You don’t need any expert skill to create a beautiful balloon tower with unicorn on top of rainbow balloons. How cute and beautiful it is for your kid’s birthday party.

Product Specification:

    • Unicorn Balloon Column Stand: 2 Sets
    • Balloon Column Stand Size: 5.5 Feet tall
    • Balloon Column Weight: 3.5 LB (with all balloon set up)
    • Base Fillable: water or sand (heavier)
    • Attention for Outdoor Usage: Recommend adding more weight ( such as putting a heavy round flat object on the base).

How to Use:

Follow our instruction that comes with the package. If you don’t have one, please contact us for one. Easy to follow instruction will share some basic simple building skill with you. It’s fun to learn the trick!

Instruction Video:

Click “Add to Cart” and start building this unicorn balloon column stand for your party!